T+SO1  OriginalSound  Earphone (B)

T+SO1 OriginalSound Earphone (B)

Using the original phonograph concepts and combining with the design of TA+d Bamboo series, T+S O1 is a set of in-ear headphones that merge natural Moso bamboo and die-casting metallurgical crafts. Through one-piece metallic gramophonic pockets, phonographic earphones that provide a full range listening experience that crosses boundaries is achieved, allowing people to hear the warmth and stories of sound. 



Driver Units: 10.8mm, Dynamic Type

Frequency Response: 20Hz~20000Hz

Sensitivity: 100 dB/mW

Impedance: 18ohm

Weight: 16g


Plug Type: 3.5mm Plug



Material: Bamboo / Metal 

Color: Black / Silver / Gold

Size: 14(L) x 17(W) 

Net Weight: 16g