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Presenting your business card in the proper way can make or break a meeting. TA+d’s bamboo slide business card case is both stylish and easy-to-use, guaranteeing that you will make the perfect first impression on anyone you meet.

Taking a business card out of card case can be simply done by sliding the lid and with only one hand. I have never had that experience before! 

We are grateful to receive much positive feedback from all over the world.       TA+d team will continue to share the beauty of life through good design.  

TA+d, the winner of more than 15 international design awards, is a boundary-crossing design from product design to interior design, reflects minimalism and creativity.

The Original Sound Earphone applied the design skill that sublimed research on massive sound into a stylish shape was highly rated. Careful consideration was also given to details, such as feel when worn and handling of materials.

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