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"Art education can change children's lives. I have been thinking that if there was an Aesthetic Experience Program during my childhood, I would have loved to attend. However, I was really lucky having chances to study design at school. On the other hand, I know there are many talented kids who are passionate about culture, creativity. Unfortunately, their environment does not allow them to develop those skills. I hope I can do something for those children who have lack of resources." said Mason Wong, the founder of TA+d.

Mason added: " When Mr. Luo, the CEO of XUE XUE foundation, shared me a story about how an Aesthetic Experience program helped a rural boy increases his confidence, I was touched. The program's mission is to provide free courses in creativity and aesthetics for children from underprivileged families. Through the program, kids learn how to see the beauty of the world by exploring colors. Each child will be given a statue and paint with their imagination. Every unique art work will be displayed at museum. I was inspired by the program and I wanted to make  contribution to them."

" Together, we can make this world a better place." On August 2, 2016, TA+d was honored to partner with XUE XUE and launched a crowdfounding campaign: for every bamboo standing pen customer purchase online, TA+d donates 10% of revenue to the XUE XUE. In only two months, not only did TA+d reach the crowdfounding goal successfully but also increase public awareness for vulnerable children. Furthermore, TA+d will continual to pay it forward in the future.

Pay it Forward

Design x Education

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