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VERTICAL │ Bamboo Stand Pen 

Standing succinctly like a bamboo stalk growing straightly up to the sky. The simple scenery comes just handy.

CROSS ︱ Bamboo Card Stand 

A time for rendezvous, a kind of possibility to unfold.
With the best position to reveal oneself.

TRIANGLE │ Eyewear Stand

Present naturally, maintain a simple balance; It is a home for glasses, return to a tasteful angle. 



TreAsia Group

Established in 2011 by Mason Wang, winner of thirteen international design awards, the cross-discipline team includes members from industrial design, interior design, brand marketing, finance and other different background, thus creating a unique and well-rounded team. From collaborating with major brands, designing transportation, dining ware, glasses, earphones, to creating the TA+d designer brand and business channels, the group has expanded to countries in Europe and America, hoping to take the concept of enjoying life and living with heart into every field, so as to achieve the original intention of creating a beautiful life.



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