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Bring nature into daily life

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A design brand that hopes to move your feelings and heart with good taste, founded in 2015, firmly believing melding natural elements and material into design, and crosses boundaries by extending into your five senses.


After hundreds of trial and error, TA+d persists in using natural composite materials like bamboo, stone, leather and metal, not just paying attention to every little detail, but also focusing on 5 core values: aesthetic, element, function, communication and emotion.


After 4 years of development, the company has launched 5 main series of product- writing instruments, desktop sceneries, personal belongings, stone notebooks and earphones. TA+d has received much positive feedback from all over the world and will continually to create stories in the future.


TA+d New Series | Craftsman

With eight years of experience, extending the original intention of combining perseverance and nature, the warmth of the artisans that cannot be replicated has now been added, so that the artistic feelings are not lost.


This leads to a unforgettable texture and feel, with a sense of romanticism.

TA Group is a cross boundaries design team from product design to interior design, founded in 2011. TA Group has won 15 awards worldwide, including iF, Reddot, Good Design and IDEA.


Find us|TA+d


We are continuously building our global network of distributor partners. If you are interested in becoming our partner, please contact us.

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